About Us

My name is Ling Ling Jiang. I’m a Chinese Accupressure Massage specialist. I’ve been in Ireland for almost twenty years and in business for seven of those in our wellness centre in Victoria Cross.

My colleagues and I have a holistic approach to well being and our ethos is simple – to improve the quality of live for our clients.

We see a lot of people who have had countless therapies that offer just short term relief.  We also see clients that are taking pharmaceutical drugs that only mask symptoms.

We look to find the source of the problem and help the body to adjust and heal naturally. We look at the whole body, it’s meridian imbalances and blockages coming from poor lifestyle or injury.

We see a lot of clients who suffer from pain, stress and muscular tension but we also deal a lot with issues such as  hormonal problems, insomnia, sinus issues, chronic pain, migraine, sporting injuries, low energy and mood problems.

Through these areas of tension we can find the meridian imbalance that’s causing difficulty or stagnation.

We are a natural alternative to painkillers.

Treat you in a natural way – no side effects.